Created by actual traders and trading enthusiasts, TRADERVERSE is a powerful social network for stock and crypto traders that combines up-to-the-millisecond data with exclusive community interactions. It empowers traders to take bold, informed, and confident steps forward with their short-term trades and long-term investments. In early 2021, around 100 million people regularly traded through the top six brokers (Fidelity, Vanguard, Schwab, Webull, Robinhood, and Interactive Brokers). Client asset values were skyrocketing, demonstrating that, despite the pandemic, retail trading activity (that is, the trading activity not carried out by institutional investors like banks, investment firms, and pension funds) is showing no sign of slowing down. TRADERVERSE exists to serve this dynamic and ambitious community, bringing industry-leading advances in technology to the forefront of trading, and in doing so, empowering retail traders to learn, collaborate, and achieve more than they ever have before.

Who are we?

The dynamic team at TRADERVERSE is as passionate about stock and crypto trading as any broker or trader on Wall Street. Our goal is simple: to empower traders to make the best decisions they can by leveraging proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology and providing a community of like-minded trading experts who can safely share ideas, data, experiences, and insights.

What problems do we solve?

Anyone that has looked into becoming a trader will know that information overload is a real risk in the early days of learning how best to trade. And even when you make it through the quagmire and actually get some experience under your belt, the complexity only increases as you sift through the masses of data, reporting, hypotheses, analyses, and trade reviews each day to improve your decision-making. What’s more, even with all the relevant information, executing on trades when you don’t have other informed and experienced traders to bounce ideas off is tough. Traders risk a lot, so we knew we needed to find a solution to this.

What does our platform do?

TRADERVERSE aims to tackle these problems through one of the most potent tools known to humankind: collaboration. As Henry Ford famously said: “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” One of the core purposes of TRADERVERSE is to create a robust ‘universe’ for traders where individuals work together to achieve common objectives. Forget the lonely days of trawling through market reports and trying to come up with conclusions and trade theories solo. With TRADERVERSE, traders can use powerful proprietary trading tools to find, display, understand, and interpret data like never before, all while getting real-time inputs from their peers on the best strategies and tactics to take advantage of market movements. Some of our key features include:
  • An exclusive social network of dedicated traders who can help others grow and succeed in this cutthroat industry.
  • In-built Tradenion AI that compiles data from literally millions of sources (including news articles, press releases, social data, and of course, a full range of fundamental data) to give the best insights into trading decisions.
  • Powerful machine learning tools that scan the web for a range of relevant data points, including price, volume, momentum changes, technical indicators, giving our traders the ability to generate informed fact-based insights quickly.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use shared note-taking and research tools to make deep diving into any instrument, ticker, currency, or other assets straightforward and collaborative.
  • An Intelligent Assistant providing insights into the topics discussed in any of our chat rooms, with built-in reporting to show traders the information they need first time every time.
  • Extensive chat functionality that allows individuals to meet and interact with other traders to share ideas, insights, and trades.
Not only is our platform positioned to outperform others on functionality, but we have designed its aesthetics to stand out amongst the competition. As traders ourselves, we deeply understand how traders seek to locate, filter, process, and act on information, leading us to carefully design every aspect of our platform. As a prime example, even our platform color scheme has a specific purpose: the psychology of the color purple invokes power, sophistication, wealth, and prosperity, and those are precisely the things we want our users to feel and capitalize on when they are using our tools. Every minute detail makes a difference in trading, and we want to position our traders to achieve the most they are capable of at every turn. If we go into that much depth for a color, just imagine what else we’ve incorporated throughout our entire product.

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Getting ahead with trading is all about having the right information at the right time, combined with the confidence to execute. To be the first to know when critical platform updates drop and to stay up to date with industry news, sign up to our dedicated Discord and Telegram group.