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Empowering investors through social collaboration
Empowering investors through social collaboration

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Discover. Express. Connect.

Traderverse “Profiles” are traders gateway to discoverability & collaboration. Unlock the power of networking through investment interest. Build your own network that will empower & unite retail traders across the globe.

Download the app & create your profile expressing who you are as a trader with dozens of different dynamic modules.


Your All-in-One Digital Identity

Uncover a community of investors who match your interests and investment style and connect.
Refine your search by specific characteristics that align with your investment strategy and preferences.
Showcase your focus and preferences, and create opportunities to find and collaborate.
Highlight expertise and accomplishments to verify yourself as credible in the financial community.
Focused on traders, you can expand your financial network and build new relationships.
Share your trading strategies to a wider audience, creating visibility in the trading community.
Social Network

A Network for Traders, built by Traders

An Intelligent social network built upon an instrumental culture of education and collaboration.

Developed upon proprietary Frameworks for Analysis & Charting, Artificial Intelligence, Real-time Streaming, Chatting & Collaboration, and Blockchain.
Collaborative Network

Features that enable traders to Research, Collaborate & Influence

Information Aggregator

Real-time Financial, News, & Trading data from stock/crypto world

Tools And Charting

Intelligent AI, ML Technical & Charting tools for Deep Analysis

Gamified Rewarding
Rank & Rewards system that incentivize active and talented traders

Understanding the Complexity

Intelligent Ecosystem

A platform empowering trading Apps & Dapps

Traderverse has remarkable features baked in, but it doesn’t end there. We have an ecosystem of apps tailored around our social network, empowering traders’ universe. 

An ecosystem enriched with internal and external apps enabling all stock and crypto traders to succeed.


Get Excited, Following Are Some Incredible Modules That Will Be Released Throughout 2024.


Dedicated Landing page that represents investors Experience, Skills and Styles. Express, Share and build your own network.


Explore Trends, Buzz, Traders, Stocks, Crypto, NFTs, ETFs, Indices and many more things in an intuitive and interactive way.


Post & Share Recommendations, Trades, NEWS, Articles, Predictions and many more native assets with your friends and followers.


Connect, Analyze, Share your portfolios from any brokerage or exchange provider. While having complete control over privacy.


A Range of Tools for beginners to advance traders. Allowing them to do insightful analysis and dive deeper with real-time data.


A open marketplace where traders can monetize their skills and experience by mentoring, coaching and education others Traders.

Our Leadership Team

The Experts Behind Traderverse

Sarim Alavi

Chief Executive / Technology

Technology Entrepreneur With 20 Years Of Experience In Innovative Software Solutions. Former Engineer/Architect At Adobe For 11 Years.

John Forster

Chief Operations

Entrepreneur Spanning 25 Years, With Multiple Exits. Retired PGA Golf Professional And Business Operations Professional For 30 Years.

Mike Herman

Director Sales & Community

Sales Professional And First-Time Founder With A Decade Of Product Sales, Business Development, & Community-Building Experience.



Design Professional Specializing In Graphic Design With Over 20 Years Of Experience In Branding, Marketing And Advertising.



Accumulated 4 Years Of Experience In The Domain Of Financial Modeling & Algorithmic Trading. Pursuing A Master's In Quantitative Finance.

About our Ecosystem

A series of related And complementary apps

We believe information is power, especially for traders; with that belief, we have developed Traderverse as a platform that can support a variety of custom apps. Apps that support all aspects of trading, community, education, and analysis.

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