WEEK OF JUNE 24, 2024

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Traderverse Updates

Welcome to our newsletter series, where we unveil updates and features as we gear up for our upcoming launch! This week, we’re excited to introduce another fantastic feature of Traderverse: the Images Section.

Showcasing Personal Images:

The Images section allows you to showcase a variety of personal images, giving your profile a unique touch. Share screenshots of your charts, PnL from other platforms, and even your trading computer setup. Additionally, you can share images of your travels, personal life, and family, creating a well-rounded and engaging profile. This feature provides a platform for you to visually express your trading journey and achievements.

Share and Inspire:

The Images section is not just about sharing your personal journey; it’s also about inspiring the community. By showcasing your trading setups, charts, successes, travels, personal life, and family moments, you provide valuable insights and motivation for fellow traders.

Stay Tuned:

As we continue to ramp up to our launch, we’ll be breaking down more sections of Traderverse in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for our upcoming newsletters as we explore the features that make Traderverse the ultimate platform for traders.

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm. Together, we're revolutionizing the way traders share and celebrate their successes.

Important Prices

What’s Moving The Markets?

Nvidia (NVDA) has become the world’s most valuable company with a market value of $3.34 trillion, driven by the surging demand for its AI chips, marking a significant milestone that underscores the anticipated pivotal role of artificial intelligence in the global economy.

Amazon (AMZN) is overhauling its Alexa service with a project codenamed “Banyan,” transforming it into “Remarkable Alexa” with advanced AI capabilities, tiered service models, and a potential premium version costing around $5 monthly, aiming to enhance user interaction and maintain competitiveness in the smart home market.

Boeing is nearing a significant deal to reacquire its former subsidiary, Spirit AeroSystems, following extensive negotiations with Airbus to divide the supplier’s work, a move driven by the need to stabilize the 737 MAX supply chain after safety concerns and financial difficulties at Spirit AeroSystems, which posted a $617 million net loss in Q1.

Fisker, the U.S. electric vehicle maker, has filed for bankruptcy protection, highlighting the company’s struggles with production ramp-up, funding issues, and operational challenges amidst a highly competitive EV market.

Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) is facing a new class action lawsuit seeking damages and medical monitoring for women potentially affected by cancer due to its talc products, with significant opposition to the company’s proposed bankruptcy settlement.

MicroStrategy, led by CEO Michael Saylor, has expanded its Bitcoin holdings with a $786 million purchase of 11,931 BTC, bringing its total to over 226,331 Bitcoins acquired at an average price of $36,798 each, significantly lower than the current market price of $65,400.

S&P Outlook

Bear Case: To generate significant bearish momentum, bears must successfully break and sustain the price below the 5462 mark. This move is crucial for confirming their dominance and potentially initiating a more pronounced downtrend in the market.

Bull Case: Bulls have identified a potential new daily demand zone starting at 5500, which could serve as a robust support level. This foundation is vital for their strategy to drive the price upward, with the ultimate goal of setting new all-time highs. Maintaining support at this level is key for the bulls to continue their upward trajectory.



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